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Wednesday, 29-Jun-2011 03:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark
"Stubborn" principal heart "bull"

Was friends known as "the most cattle heads" in Mianyang County Secondary School Sang Ye Zhiping date, due to a brain hemorrhage, at 11:00 on the 27th 3 died. Before his death he was County Sangzao Secondary School. Supra Thunder Wenchuan earthquake, he is not in school. Students are required according to the usual school and the way they have Lianshu evacuation. More than 2,200 school students and hundreds of teachers from different school buildings and the different classrooms, all rushed to the playground to the class as a unit to stand, in just 1 minute and 36 seconds. Ye Zhiping is known as "the most cattle," principals, were full of the country.
Ye Zhiping said, "Both principals or teachers to protect students' lives is always the most important of which is the highest duty, Air Jordan 2 is the most basic requirements."
Ye Zhiping whose oxen to do? 2,300 school teachers and students of oxen, their safety, never forget his heart, he will not form the luxurious to the safety of schools, when the principal when the teacher's mind should always think students think of their service, think of their safety, Gui heart bit by bit, to do their oxen. Principals and teachers are also servants of the people, not acting as master, Mr. Lu said: "we must dare to face, new era hats this is expected to dare, dare, dare, dare. Brave angry edge to pumping more persons; cowardly person anger, but pumping more edge to the weak. hopeless nation, there must be many heroes, specifically to the children stare these coward who. "Ye Zhiping heart is filled with children's safety.

Tuesday, 28-Jun-2011 07:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark
"Beiqing myth"supra shoes

Two days ago, Department of History, Fudan University, Professor Feng Wei Sina microblogging exposure College Entrance Examination "insider", I have been sit on the sidelines. As I understand it, these insider is not sufficient as it is inside, Supra Muska but the circle is well known, no one seems to know the facts out of the loop, Professor Fung may consider this point, so in the "insider" in quotes above. I think called "hidden rules" is more appropriate.
The so-called "insider", that the occasion of the annual merit, local government, schools for achievement, school performance and other considerations, and force candidates to reveal scores of Peking University, Tsinghua University, this actually resort to confiscating cell phones, house arrest, intimidation and other despicable practices.
Local government, all the intervention schools, indeed prejudice a fair competition among the various universities. Air Jordan Sport However, this is not only bad for, it is evil. Administrative intervention lead to an equitable fallen, but otherwise a fatal inequality, the breeding ground for such administrative intervention, freak freak birth, abnormal social achievement: Why in some county, admitted to thirty-five Peking University Tsinghua University, is the brilliant performance, and thus contributed to the so-called myth, and in some areas, new era hats some schools, admitted to Peking University Tsinghua University hundred, but it said is unusual?
This is another "Beiqing myth", or "North Qing scandal" - it is more Chinese characteristics. It shattered, will accelerate the first "North Qing myth" burst.

Monday, 27-Jun-2011 06:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The most touching love truth

Evening of June 25, 2011 Happy Girl into 13 breakout game in 20 grand concert. This is the final break before the final game, players can stay at the castle in this war, so fast and women who are every body every nerve taut intense brutal PK, Cheap Supra Footwear fans also held their breath, waiting for the results. Ultimately, the birth of the country's 13 strong. While the game atmosphere tense, but there are always some of the pictures can move your heart.
Love is the keynote of life, of life theme, which is the destruction of the universe can not change the facts. Sometimes life is plain to flavored need passion. In the evening's fast women on the stage, there is such a fan would love to say out loud. Field sincere confession, sincere knees, his girlfriend also waiting for? Cheap Air Jordan This is followed by singing for the Yang Yang, "Tomorrow you want to marry me," made ​​the right bedding. He was questioned in the limelight, it was lamented his courage, but in any case, true love will not be defeated, just as fast every woman dreams of music is so persistent.
There are cut out, there is joy there is regret. Happy Girl This is the stage, dreams and reality is always contradiction. However, we still can see is the "ubiquitous dream, new era hats music is everywhere," the fast woman stage. Check the castle after the Super Girl is the case they do, the National Finals in turn give us how to audio-visual feast, let's wait and see.

Saturday, 25-Jun-2011 08:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Red classic song sung

Yesterday afternoon, the second largest theater palaces workers came one after another the beautiful sounds of singing, loud and sometimes stirring, supra shoes online sometimes gently melodious, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions organized the "Ode dedicated to the party - celebrating the 90th anniversary of the chorus of workers in Tianjin contest "in here. New Jordan 8 combination shoes Municipal People's Congress deputy director of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions President Xingming Jun viewing and prizes to the winners.
It is understood that three months, the city's 200 counties Bureau, (Corporate Office) more than a hundred million workers participated in the singing chorus, fully express the lofty aspiration of the city's workers, focus on displaying the unity of the workers struggle, Real Air Jordan 1 Phat Low and progressive spirit, publicity promoting the great new era of model workers and the working class character, the formation of learning to sing in the city, sung songs of the red wave. After selecting the semi-finals, 35 workers in the 13 choir finals. Yesterday, the final scene of workers were singing the chorus of "Hero hymn," nba baseball hats "Red Army are not afraid of difficult expedition," "sing folk songs to the Party" and other red classic tracks, a section of familiar melodies, so that the audience seems to back smoke the revolutionary era.

Friday, 24-Jun-2011 08:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark
"My dad is the law of the land"

Recently, a "Shanxi Yonghe County Deputy Magistrate Feng Shuanggui four relatives night raid homes, fight, the man stabbed and severely wounded," the message circulated on the Internet. Post person, Womens Supra TK Society in the second son of Feng Yuan Ping Shuanggui violence assault victims in the process, constantly asking for the victim's claim: "My dad is a county, is the law of the land in Yonghe my dad."
After investigation, it is "Yanei Zhang Shi act violently," the news is confirmed, the perpetrators of the Vice-Mayor Feng Shuanggui dependent, and thus ruined the "County Committee, Deputy County" nomination opportunities. Air Jordan Sky High Although the authorities "to explain the situation", stressed the attack was not Ping Shuanggui ordered, he did not use the special status of the public security organs pressure to delay a case, and said his son has not arrogant words, but the power derived from the ferocious and violent, is already deep hurt the public's heart.
Those who were close relatives of the arrogance of power, nba baseball hats social justice has become invaded bite and hurt the dignity of the people "instability." In the terrible "power radiation" diffuse, the reflected power of the brutal unruly, or create more tragedies to become an unbearable burden for social stability.

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